Automatic metal plating facilities, automatic abs plating facilities, automatic cataphoresis plating facility, automatic electrophoretic lac facility, automatic eloxal facility, automatic nickel chrome plating facility, automatic acidic zinc facility, automatic alkaline zinc facility, automatic zinc phosphate facility, automatic phosphate facility, automatic hard chrome facility, automatic zinc nickel facility, automatic rack facility, automatic barrel facility.


Titanium anode racks, titanium anode baskets (horizontal / vertical, in chosen size), titanium serpentines (can be used for heating or cooling), titanium eloxal racks, titanium equipment racks, titanium screws, titanium nuts, titanium washers, titanium plates, titanium rack plates, titanium bars, titanium tubes, titanium sticks, titanium hollow plates.


Our firm’s enterprise to meet the need for galvanizing equipment gave breathe new life into the sector, and our firm served single-handed in providing plating tanks, barrel plating units, drying equipment and filters for years. Even today, the plating units and tanks that we produced in our early years in this industry keep serving our customers…

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